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According to Chinese philosophy, all things are manifestations of the Dao - the eternal, the infinite, which breaks apart into two opposing and complementary forces known as yin and yang.

These forces divide further into five phases known as the Five Elements. These are given the names Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. If these elements become out of balance then it can be a causative factor for illness. We are all made up of the Five Elements but there is always one predominant element within all of us. It is when this element becomes sick or out of balance that we feel ill and require assistance.

Traditional Chinese Acupuncturist practising in Wareham, Purbecks, Parkstone, Bournemouth & Poole, Dorset, BH12 2NQ, UK - TCM, Five Element Acupuncture - Juliet Bromby-Phillips
Traditional Chinese Acupuncturist practising in Wareham, Purbecks, Bournemouth & Poole, Parkstone, Dorset, UK - TCM, Five Element acupuncture - Juliet Bromby-Phillips
juliet bromby-phillips, traditional acupuncturist practising in poole & bournemouth, dorset